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2021 Catalyst Story Institute


Single Cam/Half Hour: In a small town cut in half by the US/Canada border, a jaded US Border Patrol solves local cases while maintaining a fierce rivalry with her twin sister in the Canadian Mounties.



"Off the bat, the dialogue in CANUSA STREET is good enough for professionally produced television (better than a lot of it). The premise of the show also shines. It takes a ridiculous place that exists in the real world and explores it with what feels like the perfect premise extrapolated from that setting. There's no shortage of jokes throughout, many of which are laugh out loud funny, though all of which are timed extremely well."

~The Black List

"This could easily be curtailed to work on a broadcast network like NBC, but it would also work on a top-tier streamer or premium cable network. It's broad and fairly inoffensive while also being hysterically funny and, at times, subversive. The dialogue shows the comedy chops of this writer, and the premise is solid enough to get serious attention in development."

~The Black List

"CANUSA STREET's strongest element is its incredible and unlikely true location; it's likely that many people in the US and Canada have no idea that a town like Beebe Plain exists, much less what it would actually be like to live there. The relationship between Holly and Harley is well-developed and unique; it's exciting to think about the comedic and dramatic possibilities of their dynamic as it continues to get fleshed out. It's one of the most compelling aspects of the project..."

~The Black List

"CANUSA STREET has serious series potential; the stranger than fiction element of its location makes it compelling, and there's a terrific opportunity to offer a fresh take on small town comedy and drama. Think SCHITT'S CREEK, but with a line drawn in the sand, where friends, famillies, and neighbors are divided along political and physical lines."

~The Black List

  • Top 3% of all scripts on Coverfly

  • Multiple 8/10 scores on The Black List

  • Official Selection, 2021 Catalyst Story Institute

  • Quarterfinalist, Script Pipeline TV Writing Contest 2020

  • Quarterfinalist, The Script Lab - TSL Free Screenplay Contest 2021

  • Quarterfinalist, Atlanta Film Festival Screenplay Competition 2021

  • Finalist, Richmond International Film Festival Screenplay Competition 2021

  • Quarterfinalist, ScreenCraft TV Pilot Script Competition 2021

  • Semifinalist, Big Apple Film Festival Screenplay Competition 2021 Spring Edition

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