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CAPTAIN CYBORG is the story of a young boy with a hyperactive imagination who creates a superhero alter-ego in order confront bullying at school.  Unfortunately for Jake, the lines between reality and fantasy start to blur, and he is forced to make a decision that will change his life forever.

  • Terminus Film Festival - BEST SHORT FILM

  • Orlando Film Festival


Directed by Zack Morrison

Produced by Courtney Cilman

Written by Yi Liu

Starring Alexander Jameson

And Kevin Nunes as Captain Cyborg

Featuring Marc Mills, Jennifer Smith, Jeffrey Davis, Joseph Shields, Garrison Alexander

Director of Photography: Adam Volerich

Production Designer: Tyler Wallach

Music Composer: Owen Danoff

Unit Production Manager: Christopher M. Pasi

1st Assistant Director: Carver Diserens

Script Supervisor: Jaclyn Noel

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